Art Basel Miami 2015: Art Week in Wynwood

Art Basel Miami 2015: Art Week in Wynwood

Gino Donvito Art - Bee - Miami Art

Art Basel Miami 2015 is happening now!

Are you wondering where to go since there’s so much to see and do and you just can’t fit it all in? We hear you! Although we wish we had super powers to be at all the amazing Miami Art Basel spots at once, we know we are merely human and it’s just not possible.

Don’t worry though, we are here to tell you what’s happening and what are some must see exhibits and shows as well as some other tips for exploring Miami’s Art Basel 2015 this weekend… especially in the place all about art: the trendy Miami Arts District in Wynwood.

What Is Art Basel?

Art Basel in Miami draws an eclectic group of people from around the world to soak up the culture, beauty, and creativity of such a wide array of fabulous art in all forms.  It’s not just for curators, critics, collectors, professionals, or extreme art enthusiasts; Art Basel is really for everyone to enjoy. You’re in for a treat if you can make it to any of the exhibits, shows, films, talks, galleries, pop-ups, and things happening along the street (you see what we are talking about how there is so much to do!)

Art Basel Miami Beach has become much, much more than the show at the Miami Beach Convention Center and Public Sector in Collins Park.  The show at the Convention Center (tickets range from $47-$100) is great and we’d recommend checking out the free Public Sector if you’re near the park, which has great outdoor sculptures, installations, and performance art, but there is so many other areas to explore during Art Basel weekend as well.

There are satellite fairs and other events & exhibits that present both local and global artists in Miami’s galleries, museums, businesses, hotels, tents, other venues throughout all of Miami. It’s a great time to stroll around the streets to see what you come across and one of the best places to do this is in the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood.  You might want to only admire the million-dollar pieces of art displayed but there’s plenty of places here you can find some amazing art at satellite fairs for as little as $1000, even though you will certainly come across some pieces you want to splurge on to add to your art collection. You can also come across some artists selling all kinds of art including paintings, jewelry, photography, home goods, and other good finds for much less too.

Art Basel Pop-up Fairs, Exhibits, & Events in Wynwood Arts District

Wynwood is the perfect place for checking out Art Basel because they have lots to offer (including Art Basel parties and fun places to go for nightlife) and you can check out many places within walking distance of one another, not to mention all the street art you’ll see along the way. So, where to go?

Gino Donvito Art - Bee

Gino Donvito’s Exhibit at Wynwood’s Cynergi Building

If you happen to be staying at Real Living Residences short-term apartments in the Cynergi building this week/weekend you’re in luck!  It’s not only close to all the action, but it even hosts talented Italian artist, Gino Donvito’s unique art exhibit. His art will be on display right outside and you’ll be able to meet the artist, Gino Donvito during the exhibit Friday and Saturday from 7-11pm and Sunday from 5-9pm and this pop-up gallery is free.

His inspirations have come from his origins in Southern Italy to his travels to South and North America which revealed a new world of dreams and stories for him.  His art has evolved through time; many of his pieces celebrating the beauty of women from the middle ages to a more modern time.  His more recent works present imaginative portrayals of exotic animals and wildlife.  You might find some artwork you can’t pass up taking home for your wall here. Gino Donvito @ Cynergi (Next to Jimmy’s Kitchen)
2700 N Miami Ave
Miami, FL 33127

Gino Donvito Art - Endagered

Spectrum Miami / Red Dot Miami / ArtSpot Miami

It’s basically 3 shows in one spot.  Each has their own flair, but you can check them all out at once.  They all will host modern and contemporary artists’ works of paintings, sculptures, photography, and more.  This large space will keep you entertained for awhile, so expect to spend a little time at each show.

Spectrum is “where contemporary meets extraordinary.”  Here you will experience much more than a typically gallery. There will be performance art, entertainment, demonstrations, live music, and a chance to meet several artists.

Red Dot’s welcoming yet sophisticated setting showcases contemporary works from about 50 different galleries, most of which are paintings, photography, and scultures.

ArtSpot hosts a wide collection of art work and projects that focus on current trends and will provide you with some very unique installations and sculptures. ArtSpot also features a special project of art from the Cuban Biennial 2015 called, “Art Travels: Cuba”

The shows runs from noon until 8pm Friday and Saturday (ArtSpot 1-9pm) and noon until 6pm on Sunday.  Friday Admission is free to all, and Saturday or Sunday 1 day pass is $20 or $25 for VIP all week pass… but thanks to ArtSpot, you can get a free VIP Guest Pass for access to all shows, all days. Woohoo… now you know this is a must-see!

Click here for your free VIP Guest Pass Tickets SPECTRUM Miami Tent (for all shows)
1700 NE 2nd Ave
Miami, FL  33132

Art Miami

Art Miami also showcases modern and contemporary art, and displays artwork from over 100 highly respected international art galleries. You’ll get to view the development in the modern art world through the emerging talent that is brought to this show. Throughout different times, they will have artist spotlights, panel discussions, and presentations as well.

A one day pass is $40 or the multi-day pass is $85.

There’s plenty to see and do in this one spot, but they also have a sister art fair, CONTEXT, right across from Art Miami. Art Miami
3101 Northeast 1st Ave.
Miami, FL  33137

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