Best Apps for the Frequent Business Traveler

Best Apps for the Frequent Business Traveler

Best Apps for the Frequent Business Traveler

It’s Monday morning and you’re trying to justify to yourself hitting the snooze button one more time but who are you kidding? Time to sh*t, shave, and shower and go over some last second packing because you are a frequent business traveler and it’s time to go. It’s time to put your traveling face back on because the weekend is over and you don’t commute to work….you FLY to work.

Frequent business travelers are in a league of their own. Time management is not some term your HR manager preaches, it’s a necessity of life, literally a lifesaver. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart and a seasoned traveler will tell you that they couldn’t imagine doing it any other way. Well, first-class would be the way to go but that’s a work in progress with no end in sight. At least, you have a nice expense account because hey traveling isn’t easy and you need it.

What is the most essential gear to frequent traveling success? Technology, of course! The last thing you are going to forget to pack is your laptop, iPad, and smartphone because without it things would get tricky. Considering our exponentially increasing dependence on technology I decided to ask the question: What are the best apps available right now to help you get the most out of your weekly travels?

Best Apps for the Frequent Business Traveler

Fortunately for us, CNN and PC Magazine have already asked those questions and dug into the research to give us the answers. Here are my best three apps:

Google Maps

This one is almost a given. Every Android phone or tablet comes ready to go with Google Maps out of the box. IPhone ditched it for their own map (oops!) but you can easily download it in the App Store. New updates make Google Maps even better with options to choose your transit mode between walking, car, or public transportation.


Specifically designed for the business traveler this app has almost everything you need. It consolidates all your travel booking info including hotels, cars, and flights and makes an organized itinerary. It’s topped off with nifty features like world clocks, hotel booking functions, and integration with Linkedin and Outlook mail


If you’re familiar with Evernote’s desktop software then you’ll already have a head start. While not purposefully designed for traveling, it features are very well suited for frequent travelers who need to stay organized. Take pictures of important documents for viewing online or take a picture of a receipt to add to your expense report. This little tool make note-taking to another level.