The Small Neighborhoods of Miami Full of Culture

The Small Neighborhoods of Miami Full of Culture

Miami Beach may be the most well-known part of the fascinating city of Miami, but there are several smaller neighborhoods that have quite the culture and charm of their own, perfect example: Wynwood.  Some other less-well-known areas are found in the neighborhoods of Little Havana, Coconut Grove, Little Haiti, and Overtown.  These spots want some Miami love too!

It's So Miami in Wynwood Miami
It’s So Miami –

Now the Greater Miami Convention & Visitors Bureau is going to put some more focus on these great neighborhoods and what they have to offer.  Good news is, these areas of Miami will be even more happening and providing more offerings for all its guests.  Bad news, these great local spots won’t be your little secret anymore!  They have too much to offer to keep favorite spots hidden.

Now all the best restaurants, shops, café’s, galleries, recreation centers, bars, markets, you name it are all asked to be exposed.  As part of a marketing campaign called, “It’s So Miami”, we turn to Miami locals to recommend their favorite gems to share with the rest of the world.  And to make sure no one is enticed to keep the secrets to themselves, is having contests that could land locals $1000.

Miami also wants to invite visitors to step outside the “tourist” role, stay a little longer to explore, and make Miami feel like your city while you are in it.

Right now the focus for “It’s So Miami” is on Little Havana, where the scents of Cuban Coffee and Cigars fill the air where traditional Cuban music plays.  Little Havana is a quite unique, just as each of the other neighborhoods are.

Coconut Grove may seem a little more famous than some of the others mentioned, but few may know much about the historic Village West area or have really explored the Charles Avenue corridor.

Wynwood has gotten a lot more attention due to its transformation into a true art district, but there are still so many amazing boutiques, galleries, and other places that have snuck under the radar.  This neighborhood has so much to explore, especially when you never know what great find will appear around the corner.

Miami certainly has a wide range of culture to offer in each of their many regions.  Even Miami locals can venture outside their neighborhood to feel like they are visiting a new city or discover a place they never knew was so close to them.

One of the best ways to experience all of Miami is to snag a furnished short-term apartment in one of the local neighborhoods like Wynwood and start exploring!  This approach gives you all the amenities you need, such as a full kitchen, washer & dryer, plenty of space to even do some entertaining with new friends you make.