Explore The Nightlife in Wynwood Miami

Explore The Nightlife in Wynwood Miami

Wynwood has become the new neighborhood that Miami locals love and tourists must visit.  Although many were first attracted by the art, Wynwood now has people coming for other reasons as well, and South Beach might even be getting a little jealous of this quickly-growing spot that’s continuing to show off its trendy culture.

Let’s talk about the Wynwood Nightlife…

Cocktail pour red - Happy Hour Drinks in Wynwood

It’s the laid-back version of a fun night out on the town.  You typically won’t find the generic, raging, fist-pumping, crazy-strobe-light action that is filling the clubs across the rest of Miami, not to say you won’t find great music or some space to dance.  The scene is just a lot more artsy, and most places have a fairly relaxed vibe.  You will find more lounges and a good mix of different type of bars… some with a grungier look (but with quite an allure about it), and some more art-deco, but most of which have some pretty swank drink concoctions, craft beers, art, and great times to be had.

Here are a few lounges/bars/restaurants we’d recommend you check out in Wynwood.  What are you looking for?

Happy Hour: Bloom or Wynwood Kitchen & Bar

Both Bloom and Wynwood Kitchen & Bar have are more of a restaurant, but with some bar atmosphere.  The art and design of each of these places is very captivating and visually appealing. They are very relaxed and great for munching on some small bites and sipping on drinks.  Happy hour specials make it the perfect time to enjoy either of these spots.  Wynwood Kitchen & Bar is located just outside of the Wynwood Walls, which is an attraction in and of itself.

Bloom Wynwood
Bloom Wynwood

Beer Garden: The Butcher Shop

The Butcher Shop Beer Garden and Grill has a great little beer garden with a rotation of draft beers.  They also have a good selection of craft bottled beers.  On Saturdays they even have Sausage Parties… Wait, it’s not what you think!  You will get a free sausage with every 2 beers your purchase.  You can stop here when you want to bring home some meats to cook yourself too… it’s just like an old-fashioned butcher shop.

Casual Local’s Bar: Wood Tavern

Wood Tavern has an intimate inside with graffiti art on the walls.  The more relaxing outdoor areas have plenty of places to take a seat and have some good conversation as you drink a refreshing beer.  This place has a bit of the characteristic “grunge” we mentioned above that gives it such great personality.

Wood Tavern
Wood Tavern

The Happening Spot: Gramps

Gramps has an old-school/retro feel about it.  You can tell before you even walk in by the bright orange building with the promise of air conditioning, cold beer, and cocktails, on the outside.  It’s usually pretty loud inside, sometimes crazy, sure to have people dancing or listening to music, and is often “the place to be”.  It even has live musicians performing at times. Be sure to try their delicious hand-made drinks… one of our favorites is “Rosemary’s Baby”, which is a reduction of Earl Grey and rosemary, lemon, and gin.

Upscale Lounge: Cafeina

Cafeina is chic dim-lit lounge with beautiful art and décor, and elegant hanging chandlers.  The outdoor area is just as pretty.  You won’t find the characteristic Wynwood graffiti or warehouse-looking rooms.  This place cleaned up well, yet still has all the charm Wynwood has to offer.  TSL Lounge, is another nice place to try if you are in the mood for an eclectic and art-filled lounge.


Live Music: Bardot

This place is trying to stay under the radar.  It’s everything against the mainstream, so don’t let the secret get out too far, but this hidden gem is a great place to see live music and performances.  There are plenty of games here to keep you entertained between their shows, and their drink list, like many in Wynwood, is not too shabby at all.  The “Honey Mule” is a tasty vodka drink with honey syrup, pressed lime, and hand-crafted ginger served in their signature copper mug.

More Information about Wynwood

For more information about some great places to check out around Wynwood, visit the Eat, See, and Play section of Real Living’s website.  Also keep checking back with our blog to find our more fun happenings and other great info for travelers who want to feel like a local.

Balcony view at Real Living in Cynergi Building Wynwood Mimai
View from Real Living

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